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“My volleys and placement improved dramatically in just 1 lesson”

"Returned to Playa del Carmen 2 years in a row because of Pancho and his coaching. He shared his own rock solid doubles winning strategy and game changing shot selection tactic. My volleys and placement improved ten fold. He makes his private lessons really productive, to the point and lots of fun. He set up a doubles game with some other guests which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend Pancho to everyone who wants to improve their tennis game rapidly while having lots of fun."
From Susan N
Canada Player Level: Advanced

“Learnt more in One lesson with Pancho than any coach and I´ve seen alot!”

"My experience with Pancho was unforgettable! Due to my health problem, I had been playing very little tennis however to my surprise Pancho not only got my game back up to speed quickly, he also taught me more in one lesson than any other coach and I´ve seen them all trust me on that! I was able to rapidly pick up my game and give him some real returns to work with and I´m no spring chicken by any stretch of the imagination! You´d be a fool not to book at least one lesson with him."
David Neville of Age 65
Vancouver, Canada , Player Level: Advanced

“Greatly increased my confidence”

"The highlight of my Playa del Carmen trip was my professional tennis lessons with Pancho. His schedule was tight and we were grateful he could fit us in. His method of teaching is very professional, personal and unique. He took me from a beginner to an intermediate level by greatly increasing my confidence. His positivity and constructive breakdown of my game skyrocketed my playing. Video Analysis was the real turning point for me. I was able visibly see where I was going wrong and Pancho showed me his bulletproof techniques. I use all his practical tips to this day! He made playing tennis fun and challenging again!"
From Lisa Morrow of Age 40
Powell River, BC Canada Player Level: Beginner

“I made fast progress, thanks Pancho!”

"I began playing this year in January after a long break from tennis and made fast progress in the first months thanks to Pancho's patience and good teaching techniques, which motivates me to continue and enjoy tennis. His motivation to constantly up-date his own training and certifications is translated to the court with the variety of weekly exercises, new methods and training options with a great sense of adaptation to level and ability of the player."
From Thea Van Der Werf of age 42
Holland Player Level: Intermediate

“He coaches all levels and makes sure everyone has an amazing experience!!”

"Pancho is one of the best tennis professionals with his USPTA and high level certifications. He can hit and play with all levels and makes sure everyone has a great experience!! On top of that he goes out of his way to connect you with other players so you can learn as much about tennis on you vacation as you like! I played 3 times on my 5 day trip and really loved Pancho."
From Erin Mazurek Age: 29
Detroit, USA Player Level: Intermediate Advanced

“He improved my strokes, baseline shots!”

"Pancho was able to improve my strokes, baseline shots and make my game flawless. Pancho was able to advance my game further than I thought possible. Pancho is fantastic coach, as well as a friendly down to earth person and who makes learning and playing tennis a pleasure. The facilities he provided were great. Make sure you request Video analysis. It´s worth than worth the extra cost!"
From Tarek Tuqan Age: 28
London, UK Player Level: Advanced

“He makes it fun with exercises and keeps us motivated”

"I like my classes with Pancho because he is a very good tennis player, he invents fun exercises for me and my friends so we keep motivated and don't get distracted, Pancho helps me with techniques and teaches me how to concentrate. I hope that I will become as good as he is one day!"
From Thomas Pichardo Age: 10
Playa del Carmen, Mexico Player Level: Beginner

“He is a terrific player!”

¨It was an honour to play tennis with such an expert as him, he was my partner in the doubles game! We enjoyed playing Pancho and with our friends in Mexico and were grateful that he organised the event for us (one player was on the injured list, so he played with us). He is such a terrific player!¨
From Elizabeth P / Jan P Age: 52
Vicotria BC Canada Levels: Advanced (4.0/4.5)

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