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"A fun game of Tennis in Playa del Carmen."

with court booking & Private Coaching all-included.

No Obligation. Limited Spots.

Martennis means Tennis by the Sea. Playa del Carmen Tennis Coach Francisco Martinez.

New Training to Explode Your Game & Raise Your Player Level

"Using the '4 Essential Tennis Components' we achieve a higher level of performance in your game fast."

Francisco Martinez, Certified Elite Coach with Martennis

A Certified Elite Professional

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MarTennis Riviera Maya

Upgrade your Tennis Rackets performance with a Restring!

Fresh Strings in your racket make a Positve (+) Difference

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Tennis Shot Selection

Read this to Win More Tennis matches

In this article I will talk about the concept of shot selection as well as the types of shots and variations available and how we can manage shot selection so that it becomes a key to winning more matches.

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